Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well I haven’t been walking as much so I haven’t been collecting as many cans. Blame it on laziness.

I came up with a new word for collecting cans – “harvesting.” :) The fruit of the trash gods.

We did walk to the grocery store last week and found 4 bottles. Plus one we found while driving. That makes five.

I almost found 3 more glass bottles at my sister’s house. We were drinking sodas from a glass bottle and I found some old ones in her trash can (yes, I look in trash cans). They didn’t have recycling in their area so I thought I’d take it with me. I put them out on the table and my brother-in-law went to throw them away and I had to shout “nooo!” I told him I’d take them home to recycle and he told me they just started recycling in their city (yay!) and he wasn’t used to putting them in the recycle bin yet. I didn’t take them but I still saved 3 lonely little bottles from the landfill.

New Total: $1.50

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